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CAO Group, Inc. Releases Enhanced Dynasty? LED BA10 Candelabra for General Lighting Applications

Time: 2012-11-05

CAO Group, Inc. (CAO), a leading design and manufacturer of LED signage and lighting products, announces the newly enhanced and patented Dynasty® LED BA10 Candelabra Series TM.

The key feature of the new Dynasty® LED Candelabra is that it has the same look and form factor as incandescent BA10 candelabra. It features the following key characteristics: 1) 360 omni-directional butterfly light beam pattern;  2). 2700K color temperature, higher than 80 CRI, 3). higher than 50 lumen per watt overall efficiency; 4). BA10 base for 110AVC input for direct replacement of existing incandescent candelabra; 5). Available in 1.3 Watt or 2.6W version for replacements of 15 and 25 Watt equivalent incandescent candelabra bulbs, respectively, for saving up to 80% electrical power; 6). Clear or frosted glass for different needs; 7). 50,000 hour warranty; 8). UL listed and Lighting Facts certified.

 “The new Dynasty ® LED Candelabra is the best LED candelabra available to offer the elegance as incandescent candelabra in looks and light efficacy. If you put the new Dynasty® LED candelabra along with incandescent candelabra next to each other, you cannot tell which one is LED and which one is incandescent. However, the difference is the power saving.” said Densen Cao, President of the CAO Group, Inc. “The newly enhanced Dynasty® LED candelabras offer  the elegance as the incandescent to our customers with great energy savings and makes our customer’s LED lighting jobs Easier, Faster, and Better.”