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Urban Barns Foods Signs MOU with South Korea LED Manufacturer

Time: 2012-11-05

Urban Barns Foods Inc. , which is specializing in "CUBIC FARMING" a revolutionary type of farming that dramatically increases yields of vegetables with radically diminished water consumption when compared to conventional farming, has signed a memorandum of understanding with Wells Communications Inc..

The purpose of the MOU is to develop and expand a framework of cooperation between Urban Barns and Wells to develop mutually beneficial programs, projects and activities using LED light fixtures.

Mr. Dan Meikleham, Chairman of Urban Barns, stated that, 'Wells is the perfect partner to supply advanced technology systems with emphases on LED lights and lighting heat controls for plant production under controlled environment agriculture ("CEA") to maximize food production using Urban Barns patent pending Cubic Farming growing methods to enable mass production of locally grown vegetables in urban locations."

Mr. Dae Woo Kim, CEO Wells Communication Inc., added, "We are very happy to enter into co-operation between Urban Barns and Wells on equal terms for developing and subsequent filing for patent protection on novel and innovative systems from successful R & D arising from our joint industry collaboration on Cubic Farming and LED grow lights."

Urban Barns plans to install Wells LED lights in the first urban growing facilities of its kind in the world using the revolutionary CUBIC FARMING method for commercial production.