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O2Micro Introduces New Isolated Step-Dimming Driver

Time: 2012-11-05

O2Micro® International Limited has added new isolated step-dimming driver OZ8027A to its Free DimmingTM technology and Lighting product portfolio.

O2Micro's patented Free Dimming technology enables LED bulbs to dim using any on/off switch, thus eliminating cost, installation and compatibility problems associated with traditional incandescent dimmers. Free Dimming technology works with any on/off switch, including wall toggles, paddle switches, pull cords, rotary switches and other types of on/off switches commonly found on walls, extension cords and table/desk lamps.

According to the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), there are over 4.4 billion medium, screw-based light sockets in the U.S. Yet, according to industry estimates, there are only 150 million incandescent dimmers representing an enormous, untapped market opportunity for O2Micro's Free Dimming technology, which is inherently simple and works with any non-dimming on/off switch.

About the OZ8027A LED Driver Controller
Similar to O2Micro's OZ8022A, OZ8022B and OZ8022M Free Dimming LED driver controllers, the OZ8027A LED Driver Controller provides three-step dimming using any ordinary non-dimming on/off switch. However, while the OZ8022 product family supports non-isolated applications, the OZ8027A features an isolated flyback topology to help support UL regulatory requirements.

The OZ8027A features low BOM-count and uses primary-side regulation to eliminate the need for an expensive optocoupler. The OZ8027A also features power factor correction, achieving high power factor over a wide input voltage range and very low THD to meet various regulatory requirements. The built-in high voltage startup circuit provides fast startup operation and reduces the BOM count. The device is also compatible with neon indicators commonly found in wall switches.

The OZ8027A supports universal 85V to 265V operation, enabling one LED bulb to address the global marketplace. High efficiency greater than 85% reduces energy consumption and thermal management complexity. Integrated over-temperature, over-voltage, cycle-by-cycle current limiting, LED open circuit and LED short circuit protection provides safe and reliable operation. Excellent LED current regulation ensures consistent lumen output, regardless of varying line input conditions.

Product Availability and Additional Information

The OZ8027A is available in a cost effective 8-pin SOP package and is in high volume production now. Samples and evaluation boards are available now for qualified customers.