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Viper Networks Makes LED Street Light Pilot Project in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Time: 2012-11-05

Viper Networks, Inc. has entered into a formal understanding after discussions with the Mayor of Colombo, Sri Lanka, and other top officials to initiate a sixty (60) day pilot program for testing Apollo Metro Solutions' LED Street Lights with installations along a section of one of the busiest boulevards in Colombo, the metropolis of Sri Lanka.

The primary purpose of the short-term project is to review operational functions and confirm installation procedures for the LED Street Light lamp and housing unit under varying light output scenarios. The installation aspect of the pilot project will also help determine the workforce needed for the city of Colombo to change out existing lamps with the new LED street lights.

Shortly after the successful completion of the pilot project, the Company anticipates LED street light order deliveries will be determined in quarterly or semi-annual stages based on the city's work personnel (installation) capabilities.

To help illuminate this point and the total estimated agreement period, Viper Networks may fulfill orders totaling 200,000 LED street light units. However, based on the city's manpower capabilities, the Company is factoring monthly order delivery numbers of 10,000 to 15,000 units based on direct guidance from recent meetings with city officials.

This conveys an approximate period of 15 to 20 months to complete delivery and installation of all 200,000 LED street lights.

Further, interested parties should note that each LED Street Light is priced in the range of $500 to $1000 or more per unit depending on built-in options (i.e. camera, sensor, wireless remote). Based on the lower 10k number of units installed monthly at the minimum cost of $500 each, the gross amount would equal $5,000,000 (USD) per month.

In connection with the Colombo municipal pilot project in Sri Lanka, one of the country's ministers has expressed a strong desire for a wireless remote access and infrastructure monitoring network for Automated Meter Reading, which will raise the price from the $500 minimum per unit cost and also serve as all-in-one housing unit models to attract new customers and officials from other cities and countries throughout the eastern hemisphere.

On this note, the Sri Lanka's Ministry of Water Management is scheduled to visit the U.S next week for an official review of Apollo Metro Solutions' live working Automatic Meter Reading System prior to signing a definitive agreement for a wireless central network with digital meters that MESH together.

The unfolding partnership between Viper Networks and Apollo Metro Solutions is already exceeding expectations since Viper's CEO is directly responsible for closing two Sri Lanka pilot projects and Apollo is ahead of their first of New Year production schedule by already manufacturing the new product line of LED Street Lights from their new Naples, Florida operations.